Our values

The project team will be responsible and transparent in collaborating and communicating with participants to ensure that wellbeing and safeguarding are prioritised.

Photo by ATC Comm Photo on Pexels.com

Equality and diversity

The project team aims to be inclusive to a diverse range of opinions and perspectives and treat all participants with equal respect. We will encourage those who are more reticent to voice their concerns and ideas and will aim to break down any barriers to participation and biases.

Participants as experts

We recognise our position of leadership and privilege in this project, particularly since one member is an academic researcher. However, we believe that the participants are the experts in their domain and we aim to empower them to be key change agents of their own situations.

Compassion and wellbeing

We value compassion, care for self and others when interacting with each other. We will encourage those involved in the project to respect differences in opinions and to support each other’s wellbeing, especially since the research context is politically and emotionally-charged.